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Jonatan is one of TEC’s co-founders, and the one staying grounded when other members of The Collective design a skydive-to-scuba combination adventure. Joking apart, he first left Sweden to live abroad in 2005, a move that would change his life. Since, he has lived in several cultures and countries stretching from Thailand in the far east to Jamaica in the smack center of the Caribbean. Always working with focus on tourism; scuba diving, watersports, excursions you name it.

After holding the regional manager’s position in Jamaica for a leading dive and watersports operator in the Caribbean for nearly a decade, co-founding The Epic Collective in early 2018 was only the natural path for him.

When he’s not busy raising the bar for what guests can expect when visiting the island, you’re most likely to find him by the sea with a camera in his hand. If you ask people close to him, they’d describe him as a free spirit with both his feet on the ground. Even though he has toured the island from east to west more times than he can count, if you ask him the only one who knows Jamaica’s hidden gems better is Julia.

Operation & Customer Service100%
Business Management & Finance100%
Marketing & Content Creation50%
Research & Product Development50%
Drone Piloting100%
Day Dreaming 100%


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